With years of  experience in trading all over the world  and

a team of dedicated  international trade  experts,  Delidried

is ready to deliver our products to you no matter where you

are. We supply a wide range of natural products from dried

fruits and vegetables to  herbal  medicines from best farms

of Iran.

we are ready to help make the world healthier.

  • Medicinal Herbs

    Before the advancements in modern medical practices, one of the main sources of healing from diseases and injuries were medicinal… More

  • Dried Fruits

    Dried fruits are produced by drying fresh fruits in dryers. After passing some steps including washing, sorting, destining and slicing,… More

  • Herbal Tea

    Since ancient times, brewing specific flowers, spices, herbs, and dried fruit have been a way to live a healthier life…. More

  • Dried Vegetables

    Dried vegetables are globally used as essential flavor & ingredients of cuisines from Iran to Italy, China to Nigeria. These… More


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